Florida Christmas

I found myself reflecting a lot in December and thinking over my life in 2019. 2019 was the year I left Tampa, which had been my home for 5 years.

Image description: A two-story house surrounded by greenery says “MERRY CHRISTMAS” on the balcony spelled out in green swags.

Living in Tampa was strange because I perpetually felt like I was just visiting. I knew my stay there was going to be temporary. Ironically, I lived in the same apartment the entire time, and that is the longest I’ve lived in one dwelling my entire adult life. It never felt like “home.”

Image description: Kids holding innertubes gather around a red slide with snow on it that sits in the middle of an otherwise green field.

What I liked most about Florida was the plants. Everything was green all the time. The greenness of it all especially delighted me at Christmas time because it was so different from the snowy winters I grew up with in Illinois.

Image description: A large blow-up Mickey Mouse dressed as Santa sits in a green front yard.

I hope you enjoy these photos I took last December, when I still lived in Tampa. I think the one of kids tubing down a small slide full of manufactured snow might be my favorite. Oh, Florida.

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