Fox & Fig Cafe Review in Savannah, Georgia

vegan tacos
The Historic District of Savannah, Georgia

About two weeks after my April trip to LA (and Cafe Gratitude), I got rid of everything I owned that wouldn’t fit into a rented mid-size SUV. My brother flew down to Tampa from Chicago. We spent a day enjoying St. Petersburg (and Cider Press Cafe), then hit the road.

We spent our first night of the road trip in Savannah, Georgia. Even though I’d read good things online, I had no clue how hip Savannah would be. I assumed it would feel smaller, or be more sprawling. I didn’t know that it’d have palm trees. I didn’t know I’d see Flannery O’Connor’s childhood home, or a sidewalk art festival.

By that time, I was already aware I wouldn’t be going to live with my friend in LA. I still told everyone I was planning a move to Minneapolis after a month or two layover at my parents’ in Chicagoland. But I walked around Savannah thinking, should I move here instead?

Fox & Fig is a cute little all-vegan cafe on the corner of a block in the Historic district. I found it via Happy Cow, an app I often use to find vegan-friendly restaurants. We visited Fox & Fig in the morning, on our way out of town, and sat outside because we had my dog with us.

I stopped inside to use the bathroom and just check it out. They need more space! It was the weekend and they were bustling. Being inside felt hectic and I was eager to get back out.

I ordered the breakfast tacos. They were good. Nothing particularly different or special about them, but a solid vegan breakfast offering. I also ordered a Blenheim ginger ale after immensely enjoying one the night before. Seriously, I’ve never had ginger ale this good before.

My brother ordered an espresso tonic. It looked pretty cool. I guess it was the summer trend drink of 2015. I’d never seen one before. I don’t drink coffee drinks anymore because of chronic illness issues and I’ll be honest, I was a little jealous watching my brother drink this drink.

He had the pancakes. He said they were good and he wouldn’t have known they were vegan. He’s an omnivore. I wish “I couldn’t even tell this was vegan!” wasn’t a compliment. Plant-based food is so good! There should be no expectation of less flavor. But, alas, it is a compliment and he liked the food. We both did. If I ever swing through (or move to?) Savannah, I’ll definitely stop by Fox & Fig once again.

Fox & Fig is located at 321 Habersham St. in Savannah, Georgia, 31401. Their phone number is 912-297-6759.

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