Plants Are Dope Photo of the Week 1/15/20

florida orange shop
florida orange shop
Image descriptions: An orange and white sign reads “The Orange Shop” and “Fresh Juice” with a blue sky and palm trees in the background.

After revisiting my road trip from Florida to Chicago through restaurant reviews of Cider Press Cafe, Fox & Fig, and Plant, I thought why not use a photo from that trip for photo of the week? It’s cold and snowy here, and there isn’t much plant variety at the moment anyway.

I don’t recall where this orange shop was. Somewhere in Northern Florida. My brother and I had left Tampa for Savannah and needed to make a pit stop. I also wanted to buy my mom some sort of Florida-related gift before moving out of the state entirely. I went with an orange- and tangerine-flavored jelly candy that reminded me of Turkish delight.

It was a touristy little shop. They sold a variety of oranges and orange juices that came from their own orange grove. But, the majority of their shop items were manufactured elsewhere. Marmalades and jellies, candies, and a variety of orange-themed tchotchkes.

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