Plants Are Dope Photo of the Week 10/2/19

Minneapolis street photography
Minneapolis street photography
Minneapolis, August 2019. Credit: Jay Summer.

Here’s another plant-laced Minneapolis street-photo I took not too long after I moved here. (Did you check out the one I posted last week?)

I remember how excited I felt about being in Minneapolis at that time. The weather was beautiful and every walk felt like an exploration of my new home. Finds like this colorful stack of trays next to climbing ivy absolutely delighted me.

On Monday it was 80 degrees out. Today it peaked at 53. Yikes.

Similar to the temperatures, my bank balance has been declining. As temperatures and my funds have dipped, so has my excitement for my new city. I’d wanted to make my apartment look like a jungle before winter came. I can’t afford to do that yet. I’d wanted to explore everything Minneapolis had to offer. Free walks in the cold are really all I can afford right now.

I’m not complaining. It was time for me to leave Tampa, and I’m eager to see what’s ahead. I’ve just hit a rough patch. I look forward to the day I’m linking this post and laughing because the cold + broke phase of my new life seems so far away.

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