Plants Are Dope Photo of the Week 12/18/19

florida palm tree
Image description: The legs of someone lying in a hammock wearing bell bottoms and bare feet with a palm tree in the background.

It’s been cold in Minneapolis for a while. We’ve had snow on the ground for nearly a month. I didn’t know the difference between Minneapolis and Chicago winter would be this stark. Chicago has had a couple light dustings of snow, but they’ve all quickly melted, because in Chicago it’s consistently been above freezing. Here, it’s been below freezing for weeks, and dipped below zero many times.

The cold weather has felt difficult to process after five winters in Tampa and one in Denver before that. I’ve vacillated from thinking it’s not that bad to wondering why anyone bothered to build a city in such a cold spot at all.

Here’s a photo of me last winter. Or should I say “winter.” In Tampa, winter meant I wore pants for three months. The sun was still shining, and I never needed a coat. On my breaks at school, I could still walk over to the tiny beach on campus and relax in a hammock. I don’t wish I were still there. I’m glad I moved. But it’s a memory that now seems very funny.

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