Plants Are Dope Photo of the Week 12/25/19

christmas tree stand

Merry Christmas!

Image description: A hand painted white sign says “Christmas Trees” in green and red and lists tree prices. In the background are evergreen trees and a brick wall.

I’m sure if I did some research I would find that these Christmas trees being sold in the parking lot of a hardware store are unsustainable or bad for the environment. But you know what, it’s such a pretty shot. And seeing and hearing people excitedly buy trees this season has brought me joy.

I’m 38 years old. It hit me that I’ve been an adult for 20 years. I’ve never had a Christmas tree once in those years. I don’t know if I ever will. The fake ones bother me and my mom taught me to fear that the real ones will burst into flames and burn down your home.

What are your thoughts on Christmas trees? Do you have one? Let me know in the comments.

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