Plants Are Dope Photo of the Week 9/24/19

sunflower urban photography
August 2019, Lowry Hill East neighborhood in Minneapolis

Thank you to whomever put a sunflower in an empty vodka bottle on the middle of the sidewalk. I encountered it on my morning walk and it made me smile.

Once, when I lived in Florida and took the bus to my job at the university, there were cut sunflowers stuck in the ground every dozen yards or so on my entire walk to the bus stop. I was regularly stopping to take photos of flowers during that period of time, and I couldn’t help but wonder if someone had seen me and put the sunflowers there just for me. I’ll never find out.

I know for sure this sunflower wasn’t for me specifically. I’m new to Minneapolis and barely know anyone. I work from home, and I don’t walk the same path every day.

But maybe whoever put the sunflower there did so for someone like me. For a stranger who might be tired and not necessarily looking forward to their workday. A person who could become joyed by the sight of a flower in an unexpected location.

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