French Meadow Cafe Restaurant Review in Minneapolis

french meadow cafe vegan breakfast

When I first moved to Minneapolis, French Meadow Cafe was my favorite restaurant for a while. (Now it’s maybe my third favorite? I still like it a lot.)

The location I’ve visited is technically called the French Meadow Cafe & Bluestem Bar and it’s located at 2610 Lyndale Avenue South. Their phone number is 612-870-7855.

Image descriptions: Black metal tables and chairs line a sidewalk in front of a yellow brick building.

French Meadow Cafe has a bunch of outdoor seating, which is almost always my preference when it’s 75 or above. Unless it’s raining. They also have a somewhat hidden seating section to the side, so if the front outdoor seating looks full, keep looking!

Image description: A building front says “FRENCH MEADOW” and “ARTISAN BEER & WINE”

I wish some of their signage used a different font and that is how I know I’m snob. It’s fine! Who cares?!

Image description: A restaurant counter with chalkboard menus on the wall behind it.

Once you’re inside, you have a choice to make. If you want table service, walk to the left, sit anywhere, and wait for a server. If you want to order at the counter and have your food brought to your table (but no server following up), get in line straight ahead.

If you order from the counter, you can’t sit in the dining room to the left.

Image description: A white plate with vegan sausage, hash browns, toast, and scrambled tofu next to a glass of kombucha.

French Meadow Cafe isn’t a vegan restaurant, but they have multiple vegan options. Above is the class vegan breakfast. It’s so good! I’m actually surprised at how much I like it since I don’t usually eat fake meat and I’m not usually big on American comfort food.

But yeah, it’s good! Hashbrowns, scrambled tofu, and vegan sausage patties. This meal makes me really full. It reminds me of all the diner food I ate in my 20s. I think I like the meal so much specifically because it evokes those memories. It’s hard to find good vegan options in greasy spoons, even in 2020.

Image description: A white plate with avocado toast, vegan sausage, and a lime wedge.

Now this is the avocado toast and the same vegan sausage patties. No, I didn’t order both items on the same day. The avocado toast is pretty great. This meal isn’t as filling as the classic vegan breakfast.

Image description: A table with multiple drinks and plates of breakfast food.

I took more of a table shot so people could glimpse my kombucha and some of the omnivorous meals in the background.

Everyone loved this place. By “everyone,” I mean my mom, dad, and brother. When they were in town, we went here multiple times. When I had a friend visit, we went here twice. It’s an easy choice! The food is prepared quickly but doesn’t seem cheap or low quality. The options are expansive.

Image description: A pink hibiscus and other flowers and foliage in front of a yellow brick wall.

Have you been to French Meadow Cafe? Let me know in the comments. Also, which vegan desserts are the best? Their food makes me so full, dessert is the one menu I haven’t dived into yet.

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