Plants Are Dope partners with like-minded companies. Contact me if you’re interested in:

  • Advertising relevant products on Plants Are Dope
  • Developing an affiliate relationship for relevant products
  • Sending a free plant-based cookbook for review
  • Sending a free plant-focused book for review
  • Offering free plant- or plant-based food-related products for review, such as houseplant and gardening supplies, vegan food items, natural beauty products, and eco-friendly lifestyle products

Plants Are Dope only promotes ethical, high-quality products and services.

You won’t see any Amazon affiliate links on Plants Are Dope for a reason. Amazon does not align with my values. (See GreenAmerica’s “10 Reasons Not to Shop Amazon Prime.”)

I generally prefer smaller companies over larger. I have a soft spot for social enterprises and companies that serve a double- or triple-bottom line. I’d also enjoy partnering with non-profits and government agencies.