Surya Cafe in Wisconsin Restaurant Review

Surya Cafe

In 2019, I visited Surya Cafe three times. There are two Surya locations: one in Madison, Wisconsin and one in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. I visited the Fitchburg location. The address is 5500 East Cheryl Parkway Suite 101A.

Surya is definitely in my top 5 vegan restaurants in the US. Plant Restaurant in Asheville might still be my number one. Hard to say since I’ve only been there once. Fig + Farro in Minneapolis (review to come!) is another top favorite. & then of course Cider Press Cafe in St. Petersburg, Florida will always hold a place in my heart.

Surya shares its space with a yoga studio, so I felt a little confused walking in. Don’t worry–you’re in the right place! Keep a’walkin’ and you’ll get to the cafe portion. Ordering is a little weird. You do it yourself from a tablet rather than at a counter or from a server. For such a casual process, the high quality of the food surprised me. It’s great!

I adored the first vegan cheese board I ever had, at Plant Restaurant, so of course I had to order one at Surya when I saw it on the menu. This was the second vegan cheese board I’d ever had. It wasn’t quite as good as Plant’s, but it was still very good! My only complaint is that the crackers were too bold in flavor. I wanted the cheese and other items to have more room to shine because they were all delicious.

I am sad to share sub-par photos with you and also confess to having a sub-par memory of those three Surya meals I had months ago. As I work on this website, I am learning: restaurant reviews need to be written quickly. That said, I can tell you the food was good.

The first time I went to Surya, my mom was with me and I really enjoyed seeing just how much she enjoyed the food and how surprised she was that she enjoyed it so much. Classic omnivore.

The second time I visited Surya Cafe, my mom, dad, and brother were with me. My dad and brother thought the food was good, but they weren’t as hyped about it as my mom and I had been.

The third time, my close friend Jessica was with me. We had breakfast food that visit and were both delighted at how delicious our meals were.

Have you been to Surya Cafe? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments.

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